About us

Our goal is to allow those who have a home and a piece of garden around to have a beautiful, aesthetic, affordable and easy to maintain garden. For that, we help our customers to be landscape gardener and to draw their garden (application with algorithms, Inspiration and Design parts), we provide them with the plants they need (nurseries, Purchases/Plants part) and we advise them for the plantation then the maintenance of their garden (application, maintenance advice section). Finally, we offer them the opportunity to share their success within the community.

photo de l'équipe Draw Me A Garden

DMAG. A team. 3 collaborators.


Florent de Salaberry

18 years of supply-chain and business development. He was a member of the board of directors of a company listed on EuroNext for 6 years.

Guillaume Néron-Bancel

15 years in communications. He is the founder of Exfluence, a digital agency. He is a member of a landscaping family and is a bee expert.

Guillaume Gosse de Gorre

Landscape architect trained at the Versailles school. In 2007 he took over the tree nursery and the "Jardins de Séricourt", "Jardin remarquable" created by his father.