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How is a DMAG garden composed?

Each garden we offer is divided into three main areas, the FOCAL POINTS, the FLOWERED ZONES and the FRAME. Each of its zones is composed of a different range of plants according to the garden theme.

FOCAL POINTS: Your garden is structured around three focal points, these plant masses give structure and interest to your garden whatever the season. They are placed in such a way as to balance the space according to the dimensions of your property.

FLOWERED ZONES: Your garden is composed of 5 to 6 flowered areas whose blooms respond to each other and follow each other throughout the season. We have selected for you the best varieties, mainly hydrangeas and roses, with subtle and generous blooms.

FRAME: To limit the opposite, give volume and mark the seasons, we have selected a rich and complex range of plants that will surprise you with its flowering and colouring over the seasons. These areas on either side of your garden will provide a setting that will provide you with privacy and a sense of comfort.

explanatory schema of the different zones composing a draw me a garden

How does the 3D simulator work?

Our 3D tool is a simple and quick to use garden simulator.

1- Enter your address in the search bar (street number, street, city and/or zip code) to geolocate your property.

2- Center the red icon in the center of your garden to validate the area.

3- Draw the outlines of your future garden, bypassing your house and other obstacles (garden shed, terrace, barbecue, etc.) if necessary.

4- Draw the perspective axis. This axis corresponds to the angle of view you will have on your garden. It can start from a window, or a bay window for example. So place the first point of the axis where you will most often stand to observe your garden. The second point corresponds to the direction in which you look.

5- Your garden is generated!

In the 2D view you can visualize the composition of your garden (as shown above). You can, if you wish, redraw the contours of your garden and modify the perspective axis or try another type of garden.

The 3D view gives you an overview of what your garden will look like after one year. You can move around in this view using the arrows on your keyboard if you are on your computer, or simply with your finger if you are on your phone or tablet.

6- By clicking on "validate and continue", you will have access to the detailed composition of your garden, with the different zones and all the plants that compose them, as well as the details of the price of this garden. This will allow you to save the project in your user account for later use or to place an order directly.

Screenshot of a 2D view of a garden generated with our tool

What is in an order?

Once your theme has been chosen and your garden designed using our 3D tool, you will be able to read a complete description of the proposed garden with all the plants that compose it and their number (calculated according to the chosen area). If you place an order, it will contain the following:

  • All the plants listed in the garden description. They will be delivered in pots or buckets.
  • The tools necessary to set up your garden such as planter, spade, etc....
  • A 1:1 scale plan in biodegradable cardboard. This plan will allow you to plant easily while respecting the composition of the garden you have designed.
  • An explanatory booklet. This user manual will guide you through the tools and how to plant your garden.

In addition to this content, we offer you one year of personalized advice adapted to your garden, which you will receive in the form of emails or sms and which will be directly accessible from your user space.

You have the choice of having your order delivered free of charge to your home or picking it up from our DMAG warehouse located in Blois (41 - France). Once the order has been placed, you will be contacted to arrange an appointment for delivery or pickup of your order.

I create my garden

How much does it cost?

The price of a garden is calculated according to the different areas that compose it and the plants associated with each area, as well as according to its surface area. The range of plants can be different from one type of garden to another, so the price will not be the same for a garden of the same size depending on the chosen theme.

Some examples of prices:

  • English garden of 140 m2 => total price including all taxes: 647 €
  • French garden of 212 m2 => total price including all taxes: 1192 €
  • Mediterranean garden of 331 m2 => total price including all taxes: 2088 €
  • Free nature garden of 405 m2 => total price including all taxes: 1887 €

What is personal advice?

Our team of landscape experts provide you with advice throughout the year to guide you in the maintenance of your garden.

Since you are all different, beginners, experienced, busy and scarcely available or with time to spare, the advice is given at your own pace! You will be able to access all the advice, directly in your personal space, in the form of a list of tasks to be carried out that you can validate as you spend time maintaining your garden.

All the advice provided by our team is adapted to the shade and sun exposure of your garden, its geographical location, both on the ground and in the weather, and, of course, the plants that make it up!

Taking care of your garden becomes child's play!

Who is Guillaume?

Guillaume Gosse de Gorre is our landscape architect. He is the one who has thought of all the gardens and developed the plant ranges we offer, and he is also the one who gives his advice to guide you in the maintenance of your garden.

Guillaume was trained at the Versailles school and in 2007 took over the nursery and the "Jardins de Séricourt" created by his father. This park of more than 4 hectares, recognized as one of the most beautiful gardens in France, has been awarded the "Jardin remarquable" label by the Ministry of Culture and elected "Jardin de l'année 2012" by the garden's journalists.

I already have a garden, can you still help me?

Yes, DMAG can help you!

If you already have a garden and you only want to benefit from personalized support and advice to maintain it all year round, simply send us photos of your garden (close-ups and close-ups) so that we can make a precise diagnosis to offer you the best advice.

If you no longer know where you stand, how to get started or where to start, you can ask one of our landscapers for help. They come by appointment only, to establish a precise diagnosis of your garden, carry out topographical and botanical surveys and propose a personalised action plan.