Short of gift ideas?

Draw Me A Garden thought of everything, so give your loved ones the landscape project box!

The BOX is:

logo draw me a garden

A personalized garden project available with your personal code

logo draw me a garden

A consulting session with our landscape and botanical expert

logo draw me a garden

A packet of seeds to sow for pretty flowers

logo draw me a garden

An explanatory booklet on garden design

A maxi offer at a low price!

I order the box for €95

How does the box work?

1/ The box holder must create an account on our website.

2/ Once connected, he can start designing his garden via our super-intuitive 3D tool.

3/ As soon as his house and garden plan is saved, all he has to do is take advantage of his advice session with our garden expert by making an appointment. In the course of this discussion, he'll be able to talk in greater depth about his desires, the specific features of his garden and take advantage of our expert's advice.

4/ After the consulting session, our expert will personalize the Garden Project to create the garden of his dreams. The personalized project will enable him to better project himself and understand how his garden was designed.

5/ Once the Garden Project has been validated, he/she simply uses his/her personal code to receive and download it.

6/ A personalized assistance will also be offered for the planting of his garden, if he wishes to order his Ready to Plant Garden with Draw Me A Garden.

illustration of a man sitting with a computer in front of a bed of flowers