The design of our gardens

Draw Me A Garden offers you a landscaped garden adapted to your land and your desires thanks to the expertise of our landscaper Guillaume Gosse de Gorre.

The structure of the garden

Each garden we propose is divided into three main zones: the FOCAL, the FLOWERED FLOWERED ZONES and the FRAME. Each of these zones is composed of a different range of plants depending on the style of the garden chosen.

> The Focals

Your garden is built around three focal points that are called focal points. These evergreen masses of vegetation give structure and interest to your garden whatever the season. Placed in such a way as to balance the space according to the dimensions of your land, they will catch your eye all year long.

> The Flowered Zones

> The Structure

highlighting of the focals zones that compose a garden draw me a garden on a 2D view extracted from the 3D tool

Example of an English garden - Focals

The plant range

Quality plants adapted to your land

Guillaume Gosse de Gorre, the landscape architect of Draw Me A Garden has selected for you quality plants. The proposed plants are going to vary according to the style of chosen garden, of the exposure and the layout of your ground. They are vigorous, rustic plants which will take again at home without difficulties.

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zoom on a garden with an assortment of various plants mixing notes of pink, green and white

A perennial and aesthetic choice of plants

To ensure a long-lasting garden, we offer a mix of perennials, trees and shrubs. We have selected these plants plants for their aestheticism and their properties in order to make your garden harmonious and colorful all year long.

The layout and associations of these plants have been meticulously studied to create an ecosystem favorable to the blossoming of the plants.

In short, nothing has been chosen at random. Your garden will offer you a different facet every day so that you will not get tired of enjoying it!

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Easy to maintain gardens

We want you to get the most out of your garden, which is why we have designed gardens that are easy to maintain and require little water.

photo of a wheelbarrow on a green alley surrounded by trees

Easy to maintain

Our plant range requires little maintenance because it is rustic, the main thing is to prune the roses and perennials. And we will make your life easier by giving you the right advice at the right time to guide you on the priorities of your garden.

Low water consumption

Our gardens are composed of plants arranged in different layers (ground cover, trees, shrubs) which limits their need for water and makes them more resistant to heat. more resistant to heat. In addition, the biodegradable cardboard pattern, which is used to install the garden and which is left on the ground, as well as the flax mulch mulch prevents the soil from drying out and retains moisture!