Close-up of bees foraging for lavender

Enjoy your Mediterranean garden


Watercolour of a Mediterranean garden by Noelle Le Guillouzic

Watercolours (gardens and plants): Noelle Leguillouzic

Mediterranean Garden by Draw Me A Garden

The Mediterranean garden is a dry garden with varied pleasures. Made of plants that are resistant to harsh conditions, it requires easy maintenance. Graphic and fragrant, it reflects the sun, offers a refined structure through its rounded shapes and refined lines. If you want to have the feeling of being on holiday all year round, we offer you a fragrant garden, in green and grey tones, adapted to the needs of our time.

You dream of quickly and simply transforming your exterior into a beautiful Mediterranean Garden? Our gardening creation tool is there to help you! Test our tool for free and discover in a few clicks our design proposals for your future landscaped garden. You will have an overview of your garden over time and the seasons and you can move into your future Mediterranean Garden.

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Some ornamental plants of Mediterranean Garden :


Persicaria affine superba

Foliage that blushes in autumn. Raspberry pink ears.


Perovskia "Little Blue Spire"

Sage variety from Afghanistan. Flowering in lavender blue panicle.


Choisya typ. "aztec pearl"

Mexican orange tree with light green leaves. White and fragrant bloom in spring.


Festuca glauca typ. "elijah blue"

Dense and compact. Very thin leaves of an intense steel blue.


Lavandula angustifolia 'hidcote'

Persistent persistent grey-green aromatic foliage. Summer flowering in purple ears.

The Mediterranean basin, one of the most important regions in the history of the world, is the starting point of several great civilizations. The shock of three continents has produced a mosaic of landscapes that places mountains and deserts side by side, with many islands. Weather conditions in the Mediterranean are often extreme and marked by greater variability than in other areas and sometimes during the same day. The Mediterranean garden, composed of vegetation resistant to difficult climatic conditions, will help man to protect himself from this changing and characteristic nature. The evergreen hedges and groves will serve as windbreaks. Large deciduous trees or vines or wisterias will offer their shade at home in summer while letting the sun in winter. Climbing plants and vines will insulate the thick walls of the buildings. By sharing these fruits and aromatic herbs, it is also a nourishing garden, as an extension of the agricultural and market gardening lands that divide the landscape. The Mediterranean garden is therefore not simply a pleasure garden, everything in its composition contributes to an economic and clever management of natural forces for maximum protection, profit and pleasure. It is this characteristic that distinguishes it mainly from French or English style gardens, which are essentially floral and decorative.