My garden project

picture of a person with a hat lying on the grass in front of a computer

You dream of a beautiful garden, test our turnkey solution to create it and arrange it easily and enjoy it as soon as the warm weather arrives.

Get inspired and easily design your landscaped garden

Discover the styles of gardens proposed by our landscaper

Choose the style of the garden of your dreams from our experts’s proposals. Full description, beautiful pictures and the main plants of the garden will help you find the style that suits you.

Easily draw your garden plan with our online tool

You just need to enter your postal address to geolocate your home, delimit the garden you want to landscape and indicate your existing facilities. Thanks to our expertise, you can get in a few clicks a beautiful landscaped garden!

Visualize the rendering of your garden in 2D and 3D

Because a garden is alive and unique, you can visualize your garden in 2D and 3D, and its rendering over the seasons and over the years (at 1 year, at 3 years and at 5 years). So you will not choose your garden by chance.

draw me a garden tool interface and 3d view of a free nature garden
3d view of a mediterranean garden in 3D tool draw me a garden
2d view, from above, of a french garden in 3D tool draw me a garden
3d view, from above, of a french garden in 3D tool draw me a garden

2D and 3D views from our application

For €79 receive your complete garden project

Your complete project has been worked on and detailed by our landscaper. You will discover everything about your future garden: how it was designed, what makes it up, the different proposals and advice of our expert!

Upon payment of the 79€, you will receive a complete and personalized file of about fifteen pages including:

You'll discover what characterizes your garden style and how your landscaped garden has been designed to be beautiful all year round and easy to maintain.

For the same garden style and the same area, you will have 3 different layouts developed by our landscaper. With for each of the proposals: two-dimensional visuals (from above), and 3D visuals and the complete list of plants. You will be able to choose the proposal you like the most.

To help you better understand the choice of plants and their interest in your garden, we detail the main plants in each area.

You will discover that your garden has a botanical and aesthetic interest throughout the year! The main events of your garden (flowering, foliage, etc.) are described throughout the seasons from spring to winter.

Our plant range has been designed to require minimal maintenance, you find a quick description of the key actions to do to keep your garden beautiful and grow peacefully.

On this plan are positioned and listed the different plants that make up your garden! This allows you to know where to place them and what planting distances to respect.

You will have the detailed price for each of these 3 proposals. The price includes the garden kit delivered at home (with all the plants, the life-size pattern, the tools, the mulch, the instructional manual...) and one year of maintenance advice offered. This price takes into account the garden area and the different plants that makes it up. The plants range varies according to the garden style or the chosen layout, so the price of the garden will be different from one layout to another.

For a 100m² garden it will cost from 700 € to 1300 € for the entire garden kit delivered to your home, including one year of advice offered.

Let's discover the prices

You can of course review in 2D and 3D these 3 proposals. You will also be able to see your garden at 1, 3 and 5 years old and over the seasons to imagine its evolution.

Now you just need to order and plant your landscaped garden to enjoy it as soon as possible with family or friends!

Trust the professionals for a successful project

You benefit from the expertise of our landscape architect to create an aesthetic and harmonious garden. Our cutting-edge tool takes into account the recommendations of our expert and the constraints of your field (location, sunshine ...).

You opt for a simple and fast solution to imagine and create the garden of your dreams. You choose your garden, draw it and visualize it in 3D before you decide!

draw me a garden illustration of a woman holding a garden drawing next to a man sitting with his computer on his knees and trees in the background