Our history

photo of the three founders of draw me a garden

Draw Me A Garden is above all a beautiful story of encounters between garden lovers garden lovers. Convinced of the need to reconnect with Nature and the benefits of a little piece of greenery, they launched this start-up to help create and design a garden easily.


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In 2016, in a café in Blois, two friends shared their desire to create "dessine-moi-un-jardin.com", a bit like the "Ikea" of the garden.

Florent, then an MBA student at INSEAD, decided to take this project as his thesis topic.


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The first prototype is launched, the first users try the 3D tool.

Draw Me A Garden joins the FrenchTech incubator at Lab'O in Orleans and two web developers and a marketing manager join the team.


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Partnerships started in 2019 with large companies, such as Leroy Merlin or Stihl, should strengthen our positioning. Unfortunately, nothing goes as planned with the arrival of the 1st containment. Draw Me A Garden then reorganized itself to be 100% remote with customers with the customers and launches the 'landscaper project'.

The offering continues to evolve, and customers are giving us enthusiastic feedback about the beauty of the gardens.


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The start-up Draw Me A Garden is created. Guillaume, a landscape architect trained at the Versailles school, joins the adventure.

Several projects have been launched:

> The construction of garden inspirations and plant ranges.
> Modeling of the gardens and creation of the first 2D and 3D algorithms.
> The first version of the website.


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The year 2019 is a sign of acceleration, thanks to the BPI subsidies, the first fund raising and the arrival of Anne-Laure, partner and shareholder, who takes charge of the Marketing and Communication part of the company. of Anne-Laure, partner and shareholder, who is in charge of the Marketing and Communication part.

The first users create their gardens on the dmag.fr website and the first customers plant their gardens between Tours, Blois and Orléans.


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Since 2021, the logistics organization has changed. After 2 years of delivery provided by the co-founders, customers are now delivered by professionals! There are now gardens delivered all over France 😊

The nurturing garden is launched to allow everyone to have a beautiful and good garden, and a change in the sales team allows to improve the focus on what our customers expect.

To continue the development and the research part, a new fund raising is in progress. a new fund raising is underway.

We evolve and grow...
The adventure continues!

We are a young start-up in constant evolution and we improve our offer every day to better serve our customers.

A focus on HORIZON H2020 - SME Instruments (Instruments PME)

This instrument is intended for all types of innovative SMEs with a strong ambition to grow, grow and internationalize.

The SME instrument supports the company in stages according to the maturity of the project and grants a grant in the first two stages:

> Phase 1: evaluation of the concept and feasibility (up to 50,000 euros), based on a business plan demonstrating the viability of developing a potential market.
> Phase 2: R & D, first commercial application - demonstration up to 2.5 million euros in grant.
> Phase 3: loan or equity agreement for the commercialization phase, with support.