My garden ready to plant

An easy-to-create garden thanks to the "ready to plant" kit

You created your garden project and the result pleases you, place an order on the site and receive at home the "Ready to plant" kit. In a few hours, it will help you to transform your simple lawn into a beautiful garden landscaped!

Draw Me A Garden has designed an educational and easy-to-plant kit, so that you can make your own landscaped garden brilliantly.

What does my "ready to plant" kit contain?

> All the plants of your project

These are quality plants, carefully selected by our experts to plant them without difficulty. Learn more about our plants

> The tools needed to set up the garden

> The planting plan

> A global plan of your garden

> The instruction guide

> Linen mulch

> Organic amendment

photo of a set of potted plants delivered with a draw me a garden garden

On your marks? Ready? Plant!


You receive at home the "ready to plant" kit to realize your garden. If you already have flat topsoil or turf in your garden, good news, you have no preparation to do before delivery.

You just need to deploy the biodegradable cardboard planting plan, place the plants where indicated on it and plant according to the instructions in the explanatory booklet. Easy, isn’t it?

Once your garden is installed, do not be afraid: Draw Me A Garden accompanies you throughout the year with personalized tips & advice!

Learn more about personalized advice
user draw me a garden planting his garden

How much does my ready to plant garden costs?

For your garden you will receive the garden kit delivered to your home (with all the plants, the life-size pattern, the tools, the mulch, the instruction manual…) and one year of advice offered. The price depends on the chosen garden style, the surface to be arranged and the different plants that compose it. The price of the garden will therefore be different from one layout to another.

For a 100m² garden it will cost from 700 € to 1300 € for the entire garden kit delivered to your home, including one year of advice offered.

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The virtues of the biodegradable cardboard planting plan

This life-size pattern made of biodegradable cardboard is an innovative solution that Draw Me A Garden offers to guide you step by step when creating your garden.

overview of potted plants positioned on the biodegradable cardboard during a draw me a garden installation

Pedagogical, it helps you to install your plants in the right place

Our landscaper has indicated for you the names of the plants and their exact location. The arrangement is optimal to promote the growth of plants and guarantees a qualitative and harmonious result.

Biodegradable, it helps your soil to regenerate naturally

Left on the ground after plant installation, it will degrade naturally within 6 months, helping worms to return. Did you know that worms are good for your soil? They create numerous galleries that ventilate the soil and allow your plants to take root more easily!

Combined with flax mulch, it stifles weeds and keeps moisture

The cardboard and the mulch form a double layer limiting the appearance of the weeds. And in case of rain, the mulch lets drops get through and keeps moisture on the ground.