Our values


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We love nature,

We are a team of nature lovers. Each in our own way we take advantage of nature to recharge our batteries: walks in the forest, gardening, hiking, convivial time in the garden... This breath of air and greenery is essential for our personal balance!

Convinced that nature soothes and makes you feel good, we wish to offer to as many people as possible the possibility to recharge their batteries by creating their own garden. We have therefore thought of and designed gardens that are easy to maintain and affordable, so that everyone can create the one that suits them and enjoy it fully!

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We wish to transmit,

Transmission and sharing are at the heart of our daily work, and we integrate young talents into the team who are eager to learn and grow with us. Our varied backgrounds are a richness for the team, and we put our different expertises at the service of our beautiful common project.

By accompanying our customers step by step from the design of the garden to the maintenance, we wish to transmit our passion for the garden. This is why we have developed a planting kit that is easy to set up and personalized advice that will allow them to gradually become familiar with their garden and to discover how to take care of it over the seasons. seasons how to take care of it. We invite them to marvel at nature.

We are passionate about digital innovation,

Our team, passionate about innovation and digital technology, has developed an intelligent web tool to design a landscape garden online. This digital tool is based on complex algorithms, 3D and virtual reality allowing users to have quickly and very visually their personalized garden project adapted to their environment. and adapted to their environment.

The use of digital technology is not incompatible with our goal of helping customers reconnect with nature, quite the contrary! It is for us the best way to create and imagine easily the dream garden before concretely planting it, maintaining it and enjoying it for a guaranteed disconnection!

We participate in the "French art of living".

The company Draw Me A Garden was born in the Loire Valley, a region renowned for its gardens, its castles, its exceptional cultural landscapes listed in the Unesco Heritage.

In the team, we are proud of this green heritage and we try, at our level, to contribute to it. We help to create small green spaces, source of biodiversity in the gardens of the French. In this way, we try to promote the French art of living, of which gardens are an intrinsic living part!

illustration of a couple sitting at a table, surrounded by flowers with a castle in the background