My Landscape Garden in 3D

You dream of having a beautiful garden but don't know how to go about it? Draw your garden in 3D now and benefit from the advice of a landscape architect.

Draw your garden plan easily with our tool

Simply enter your postal address to geolocate your home, mark the boundaries of the garden to be landscaped and indicate your existing facilities. Thanks to our expertise, you will obtain a magnificent landscaped garden in a few clicks!

Discover styles

Customize your garden to create the one of your dreams

Need to hide from your neighbors? To highlight your pool? Customize your garden plan to suit your needs and tastes. Simply select a bed, its shape, height and style. All with the expertise of our landscape architect!

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Visualize the rendering of your garden in 2D and 3D

Because a garden is alive and unique, you can visualize your garden in 2D and 3D, as well as its rendering over the seasons and over the years (from 1 year, to 3 years and to 5 years). This way, you can project yourself in your garden and not choose it by chance.

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draw me a garden tool interface and 3d view of a free nature garden
3d view of a mediterranean garden in 3D tool draw me a garden
2d view, from above, of a french garden in 3D tool draw me a garden 3d view, from above, of a french garden in 3D tool draw me a garden

2D and 3D views from our application

Co-create gardens adapted to your location that you will be proud of

Designed by our landscape architect and botanist, Draw Me A Garden is structured to amaze you in every season.

The plants are chosen more particularly by our botanist for :

> Their resistance and ease of maintenance

> Their botanical interest with spring blooms or shrubs with bark in winter

This way, your garden remains aesthetic and colorful all year long. Naturally, the plants are also adapted to the sunshine of your land which is calculated by our tool.

Thanks to the diversity of plants selected by our experts, Draw Me A Garden recreates a stable ecosystem favorable to biodiversity.

Trust the professionals for a successful project

You benefit from the expertise of our landscape architect and our botanist to create an aesthetic and harmonious garden. Our cutting-edge tool takes into account the recommendations of our experts and the constraints of your field (location, sunshine ...).

You opt for a simple and fast solution to imagine and create the garden of your dreams. You choose your garden, draw it and visualize it in 3D before you decide!

draw me a garden illustration of a woman holding a garden drawing next to a man sitting with his computer on his knees and trees in the background
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