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Personalized advice from our landscape expert

Draw Me A Garden offers you turnkey gardens, accessible to all, whatever your level of knowledge and practice. To help you, we guide you step by step and send you advice personalized throughout the year.

These tips are adapted to the style of garden you have chosen, to your geographical location, to its exposure solar, and the plants that compose it. We closely monitor the evolution of your garden and the conditions in your area to give you relevant information and answers tailored to your needs.

It is our expert Guillaume Gosse de Gorre, landscape architect and botanical enthusiast who delivers the advice! There is nothing better than a professional to explain to you with simplicity and pedagogy the right actions to be carried out.

Advice at your own pace

Because you are all different, beginners or experienced, busy schedule or opportunity to devote yourself to it more time, the advice is adapted to your needs and pace, and our expert guides you on the priorities of your garden.

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Mandatory advice

In your personal space, you will receive a list of essential tasks to perform in your garden. Our expert will show you in an easy and educational way what you need to do, and how, to make sure you do the right things at the right time.

Bonus advice

Do you want to spend more time in your garden? Tell us how much time you want to spend on it and we will tell you what to do depending on the period!

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view a personalized advice display diagnostic draw me a garden

Diagnostic advice

You receive weather alerts depending on the region you are in, to help you get the right actions. Heat wave alert, what plants should be watered and how to do it? Exceptional frost alert in your region, which plant to protect during this cold snap. Finally, you are guided in case of questions about an abnormal evolution of your plant in order to diagnose the cause and easily remedy it!

A practical and flexible advice interface

It is up to you to set the frequency of sending advice so that it is adapted to your rhythm (monthly, bi-monthly, weekly).

Finally, validate the tasks carried out as you go along, so you will be clearer about what you still have to do in your garden.

With Draw Me A Garden, looking after your garden is child’s play.

One year of personalized advice offered

The first year of advice is offered during the installation of your garden to ensure a good and give it its full potential. At the end of this one-year period, you can extend your subscription at the rate of 96 euros per year, or 8 euros per month.

Personalized and adapted advice to guide you through the key stages of your garden’s development.

Do you have any other questions, or would you like to share your tips and tricks with other members of Draw Me A Garden community? Feel free to discover our community space to go further!