Our idea

Reconnect with nature

In our ultra-connected world, where the race to perform involves stressful rhythms, it seems necessary to take breaks and refocus on the essential. necessary to take breaks and refocus on the essential. The need to reconnect with nature is felt to escape from everyday life and to fully to escape from the daily routine and to fully blossom.

The garden is the perfect place to recharge your batteries, but having a beautiful garden is not easy for everyone. That's why Draw Me A Garden offers an innovative service to create and design your garden easily. No need to be an expert in gardening nor to have too much time to devote because Draw Me A Garden provides the inspiration, the design, the plants, the planting kit, and above all a step by step guidance and personalized advice to plant and maintain your own garden. Thus becoming an actor and responsible for his garden, our customer will be able to enjoy it to the maximum.

photo of a woman sitting cross-legged meditating on a terrace in a garden
photo of a wild green garden

Easily create the garden of your dreams

80% of French people living in a house with a plot of land do not take advantage of their garden. For lack of time, money, ideas and skills, these gardens are left as is.

Our goal is to allow those who have a piece of land to easily transform it into a beautiful garden, in a simple and accessible way.

Thus, our landscaper has designed well-designed gardens with quality plants, requiring little maintenance so that you don't have to spend too much time on them and enjoy them to the fullest. Our offer is affordable since each client plants and maintains his own garden with an easy to install planting kit. From the From the design to the maintenance of the garden, our landscaper provides step-by-step and personalized advice to make the garden a success, whether you have a green thumb or not!

Draw Me A Garden awakens the gardener in all of us.

A word from one of the founders

Florent de Salaberry

« Everyone dreams of a small plot of land, a small garden, a small corner of paradise, to rest and enjoy life. Draw Me A Garden accompanies you throughout this dream. »