My ready to plant flowerbed

photo of plants in pots placed on the biodegradable cardboard provided by draw me a garden

Easily create your pretty flowerbed

You dream of a pretty flowerbed in your garden? But you do not know which plants are suitable for your land or how to combine them to create a harmonious flowerbed?

Draw Me A Garden proposes a ready to plant flowerbed of 1.20 m x 4.00 m with more than 35 plants. Our landscape expert selects for you aesthetic plants, adapted to your environment and that will grow harmoniously.

To see your flowerbed in 3D, create your garden online from your computer and choose the style of your flowerbed (English or Free nature). In a few clicks, discover your flowerbed in 3D and appreciate its evolution over the seasons and years ; have a look at the plants that compose it!

For 289€ receive at home a complete kit to make your flowerbed yourself

This kit includes:

These are quality plants, carefully selected by our experts so that they will return to your home without difficulty.

What could be simpler than a life-size pattern made of biodegradable cardboard that can be placed on the ground and used as a marker to know where to put each plant.

A source of nutrients for your soil, the organic amendment will help your soil to regenerate and contribute to the good recovery of plants.

It covers the planting plan and gives a finished garden look from day one. It also limits weeds and retains moisture.

How do you unfold the planting plan? How to remove the shrub and replant it? All your questions are answered with this educational guide that will take you step by step through all the steps!

The price includes one year of personalised advice on how to maintain your flower bed easily.

set of photos of a draw me a garden flower bed installation

Credits Photos: ©Domi83 and ©Justine A - Non contractual visuals