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Last modification: 23-12-2022

4 gardening activities to do with kids

Gardening is a very good educational tool that allows children to relate to nature and to understand biodiversity. They can, by connecting with nature, understand the cycle of life and the world around them. Many schools practice gardening as an educational tool to empower children and make them aware of the environment. And if it is you who put this pedagogy into practice with your children in the garden?

Planting: gardening activity for children N°1

Planting with children is a good time for sharing and learning. Children discover nature while playing and having fun.

You can make different plantations with your children in the garden or in the vegetable patch.

Gardening is a good way to teach patience to children, who will observe and respect the rhythm of nature. But in order not to abuse their patience, favor plants with easy yields, here are some examples.

Bulb flowers: Let your children choose their favorite bulb flowers. Plant them ideally in autumn to decorate your garden in spring with magnificent tulips, hyacinths, crocuses….

The vegetable garden: Plant fruits and vegetables with your little ones. Choose tomatoes, radishes, beans, strawberries or even raspberries. These fruits and vegetables grow quite quickly and will delight your children.

Tools needed: A trowel and gloves. The trowel is ideal, it is small and not too sharp, perfect for making planting holes. Remember that these tools exist in child size and that it is preferable that an adult supervises the plantations.

children planting

Watering: gardening activity for children N°2

Garden watering with the kids is arguably the most fun gardening activity. Our charming toddlers love to fill their watering can and carry water to the plant, this transfer game requires a certain dexterity.

Watering in the garden makes children aware of the nature and needs of plants. They will learn to spot when plants are thirsty by feeling the ground and observing the weather. Take the opportunity to explain the natural phenomenon of rain.

Children understand through watering that water is vital for plants and nature and realize that without water flowers do not grow and fruits do not appear.

It also naturally makes them aware of this rare and precious resource that should not be wasted.

Necessary tools: a watering can adapted to the size of children and an outfit that fears nothing 😊

children watering plants

Picking: gardening activity for children N°3

Nothing is more enjoyable than picking what we have planted, especially for children! Introducing children to gardening with picking is good learning.

After having carried out the planting with your children and after having waited during the growth, here is finally the stage of the reward and the picking. The children are fascinated by the fruits and vegetables from their own plantations. It is a huge pleasure for them to pick them.

Children learn with picking to gently remove fruit from trees; to dig up the vegetables and then wash and taste them. This is also the best way to make them discover new foods and vary the pleasures on the plate.

As for planting flowers, children can create beautiful bouquets, something to reward your children's gardening activity.

Tool needed: A basket adapted to the size of the children.

child picking vegetables

Weeding: gardening activity for children N°4

Gardening is above all a good way for children to take the time to observe nature. They discover in addition to planting, watering and picking, weeding in the garden. Weeding is the removal of weeds from the garden. Children practice weeding by removing unwanted plants from the garden by hand.

Children understand through weeding that we are not masters of nature and that nature also does things on its own. They go to this stage of weeding to remove weeds while having fun.

Children develop with weeding motor activities by observing, pulling weeds from the garden and transplanting plants that need it.

Tools needed: gloves, a garden scraper suitable for children.

Gardening contributes to the healthy development of your children while sharing a wonderful time with them. From an early age, it is a good way to empower them and make them aware of nature. So what are you waiting for? It's time to garden with the kids!

child in the garden

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