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Last modification: 02-11-2022

Create your 3D garden online in a few clicks

Creating your 3D landscape garden online is possible and even easy. This allows you to project yourself before planting your plants! This is why Draw Me A Garden provides its innovative online 3D garden creation tool: it offers beautiful combinations of plants to see in 3D. This is a key step in creating an ornamental garden before ordering the ready to plant garden kit.

How to create your 3D garden online?

To create your 3D garden online, Draw Me A Garden has developed an innovative tool, which integrates the traditional recommendations of a landscaper to offer you beautiful combinations of plants.

This 3D garden creation tool offers you personalized landscaping based on extracts from the land register and your preferences. If you are won over by the proposed layout and its plant selection, you can then order a ready-to-plant garden kit. With this garden set, you can easily plant your landscape garden yourself. What to project on his garden plan before realizing it!

To create your flower garden in 3D online, all you need to do is:

  • Connect to the online 3D garden creation tool from your computer
  • Type your postal address and place the elements already present on your land (house, shed, swimming pool, terraces, trees, etc.)
  • Select the garden style (English garden, French garden, free nature garden, food garden or Mediterranean garden) and choose the color range of your choice

You will then discover the garden layout proposal in 3D directly online, illustrated by magnificent watercolors. This garden layout includes the combination of plants that is adapted to your land.

Note, this online 3D garden creation tool is designed to be intuitive and easy to use and to use it even more easily, do not hesitate to read our tutorial.

Innovative tool to create 3D garden

Why help you with 3D to design your garden?

Have you ever tried to landscape your garden on your own? Have you ever found yourself faced with a number of plants without knowing how to combine them or where to plant them?

Draw Me A Garden's online 3D garden design tool lets you create your garden and see how it's designed and how it changes every season for 5 years. What better way to project yourself?

The “3D guided tour” button allows you to visit every corner of your garden. You can of course modify certain parameters to obtain the arrangement of your dreams.

Focal, perennial, flowering areas you can view everything and from every angle to be sure of your choice!

If you are conquered by the result of your garden in 3D, you can order your garden project in order to receive by email the complete file detailing the landscaper's proposal, the planned maintenance, the list of plants, the plans of your garden in 3D and a price proposal.

3D 2D tool to create your garden online

What if you received a planting kit adapted to your plan?

The Draw Me A Garden experience consists of several stages. Creating your 3D garden online is the preliminary step before planting. This allows you to admire the lines of your garden, the associations of plants, the harmony of the colors and the overall rendering before moving on to the realization. Come and discover the latest achievements of our customers, they too have gone through this stage of 3D garden creation online before planting!

From your 3D garden plans created online, our team of experts prepares a suitable ready-to-plant garden kit. This garden kit contains all the necessary elements (plants, tools, planting plan, flax mulch…) to plant easily your garden.

Then you receive tailor-made advice from our expert to help you plant and then maintain your garden as it should be.

So are you tempted? Do not hesitate to test our online 3D garden creation tool!

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