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Last modification: 03-11-2022

Guillaume Gosse de Gorre: the landscape expert of Draw Me A Garden

Discover the landscaper behind the design of the Draw Me A Garden gardens to offer you the corner of greenery you've always dreamed of!

His journey

After his engineering degree at La Salle Beauvais, Guillaume trained as a landscape architect at the prestigious Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paysage de Versailles, whose setting is the King's Vegetable Garden at the foot of the Palace of Versailles.

On the strength of this training, he took over the management of the Jardins de Séricourt in the North of France in 2007.

The Gardens of Séricourt

Created in 1983 by his father, a nurseryman, landscaper and a real botanist enthusiast, this park located between Le Touquet and Arras in North of France, covers more than 4 hectares. It is recognized as one of the most beautiful gardens in France.

Labeled "Remarkable Garden" by the French Ministry of Culture, it was elected "Garden of the Year 2012" by the French journalists of the garden.

Gardens of Séricourt
Photo Credit: Gardens of Séricourt

The Draw Me A Garden Project

In parallel with his activities in Séricourt, Guillaume joined the Draw Me A Garden adventure in 2018. His objective through this start-up is to make the landscaped garden accessible to everyone to reconnect with nature.

Motivated by the idea of reintroducing biodiversity in urban areas impoverished in fauna and flora, Guillaume selects for Draw Me A Garden quality plants, to different terrains, and made to live in interaction with each other in order to create a symbiosis adapted throughout the seasons. He therefore designs aesthetic gardens that are affordable and easy to set up, even when you don't have a particularly green thumb.

It is also he who provides advice to guide you throughout the year in the maintenance of your garden. Thanks to its recommendations, maintaining your garden becomes child's play!

Guillaume's word

"Draw Me A Garden is giving people the opportunity to have a well-designed garden and to access knowledge. For a competitive price, we provide them with a turnkey solution that is easy to implement. »

Guillaume Gosse de Gorre

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