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Last modification: 14-05-2024

Guillaume Gosse de Gorre: the landscape expert of Draw Me A Garden

Discover the landscaper behind the design of the Draw Me A Garden gardens to offer you the green space you have always dreamed of!

His journey 👨🏻‍🌾

Guillaume obtained his engineering degree at the Institut Polytechnique La Salle Beauvais. He subsequently trained as a landscape architect at the prestigious École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage de Versailles. School whose setting is the King's Vegetable Garden at the foot of the Château de Versailles. 👑

With this training, he then joined his father with whom he worked for almost eight years at the Jardins de Séricourt. This then amplifies his passion for the garden. Subsequently, Guillaume will take over the Gardens in 2007.

What if you went to discover the Séricourt Gardens? A true source of inspiration for our landscaping expert!

The Gardens of Séricourt 🌳

The Séricourt Gardens were created in 1983 by Yves Gosse de Gorre, his father, a nurseryman/landscaper and true botany enthusiast. This park, located between Le Touquet and Arras in the south of Pas-de-Calais, extends over more than 4 hectares. It is considered one of the most beautiful gardens in France, labeled “Remarkable Garden” by the Ministry of Culture in France. They were also elected “Garden of the Year 2012” by the Association of Garden and Horticultural Journalists.

The Séricourt gardens are made up of a series of 26 gardens which multiply the atmospheres, colors and shapes. Among them, you will find:

Gardens of Séricourt
Photo Credit: Gardens of Séricourt

  • The Jardin des Perennials is the very first designed garden! If you like English gardens, you will surely fall under its charm, from which it draws its inspiration. 😉 It is made up of impressive islands of perennials, accompanied by trees, shrubs, and magnificent rose bushes. It’s a garden that leaves room for nostalgia, ideal for walking there.
  • The Grass Labyrinth, with a “wild spirit”. Visualize an incredible maze overhung with various varieties of Miscanthus. Other grasses, such as Carex pendula and superb Calamagrostis ‘Overdam’ complete it. This garden is appreciated for its brightness, provided by all its grasses. And what's more, it is crossed by a slate path which perfectly contrasts everything. It’s a garden that can be described as “dynamic” which will push you to see grasses in another way. 🥰
  • The Cathedral of Roses, here is the flagship piece of the garden! Imagine walking through a succession of arches, decorated with an incredible collection of roses. Its significant flowering reaches its peak from June to July. Under the arches, no plants were planted, deliberately, to amplify this effect of grandeur. Your attention will then focus solely on this impressive structure in various shades of pink. This is the desired effect. 🩷
  • Le Jardin Guerrier, enter a garden with an atmosphere steeped in history. Its structure is very unique and will surely intrigue you. 🤔 It is made up of two armies of columnar yews. The plants are pruned revealing large straight and square silhouettes ready to confront each other. You can easily associate them with brave soldiers. They nevertheless reach different heights thus avoiding monotony. All around you will discover large empty spaces. Your attention will then be drawn to carpets of red flowers that evoke battlefields. A garden full of history, which will not leave you indifferent.

roses cathedral in Séricourt
Roses Cathedral in Séricourt

The Draw Me A Garden Project

In parallel with his activities in Séricourt, Guillaume joined the Draw Me A Garden adventure in 2018.

During a mission to Paris, he became aware that many gardens were monovarietal. That is to say, they are very little diversified in terms of plants. The trend is towards simplistic gardens, which seduce with their aesthetic. They nevertheless lose a little of their poetry. And above all they lose biological interest.

What appealed to him about Draw Me A Garden was the fact that we wanted to combine technology and expertise. By creating robust and varied plant compositions, but also adapted to different types and styles of gardens.

The ambition of Draw Me A Garden is to be able to offer you a service close to craftsmanship while reducing the final cost. By relying on digital technology, and with the help of our experts.

Besides, did you know that? The more you vary your plants, the more resilient your ecosystem will be, and therefore will make it easier to maintain your garden! 🤩

I find it incredible! » He confided to us.

draw me a garden

The personal objective of our expert, through our start-up, is to make the landscaped garden accessible to everyone to reconnect with nature.

Motivated by the idea of reintroducing biodiversity in urban areas depleted in flora and fauna, Guillaume selects quality plants for Draw Me A Garden. Adapted to different terrains, they are made to live in interaction with each other. They then create a symbiosis throughout the seasons. He therefore designs gardens that are aesthetic, affordable and easy to set up. And this even if you don’t particularly have a green thumb.

He is also the one who provides advice to guide you throughout the year in maintaining your garden. Thanks to his recommendations, maintaining your garden becomes child's play!

Guillaume Gosse de Gorre
Guillaume Gosse de Gorre

“Draw Me A Garden gives people the opportunity to have a well-designed garden and to access knowledge. For a competitive price, we provide them with a turnkey solution, easy to implement. » Guillaume Gosse de Gorre

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