Design your garden online with Draw Me A Garden

View of a mediterranen garden designed online

Tired of having a simple lawn as a garden? Want to build your garden? But where to start? Designing your garden online is a good option to anticipate, prepare and visualize your garden project before starting the work and planting.

Here's everything you need to know to design your garden online.

Why designing your garden online ?

Designing your garden online allows you to take the time to think about your project, your desires before you start running your own way in the realization of your garden. This phase allows you to study all the parameters, the options and see what your landscape garden will look like before buying plants and planting. Designing your garden online allows you to think about the overall coherence of your garden.

View of a mediterranean garden online with pool

It is not always easy to think of your garden as a whole, especially when you are not a landscaper. We are used to compound with the existing plants and to add new ones purchased here and there. Some flourish, others die quickly, and we replaced them little by little. In short, the garden is growing but without coherence and without a global vision. The advantage of designing your garden online is that you can take the time to choose, to visualize the overall rendering of the landscaped garden before planting it.

All garden styles are possible, you just need to identify which one suits your desires among Mediterranean, English, French, Free or Nourishing gardens! Discovering the different garden styles proposed by Draw Me A Garden allows you to refine your project and let the inspiration come ! Then using Draw Me A Garden's online design tool, your landscape garden will be designed with just a few clicks by landscape experts. It will be visible online in 2D and 3D, you’ll be able to see what it will look like before planting!

Other view of a mediterranean garden online

How to design your garden online ?

To design your garden online, you have to find the right website, tool or software that will allow you to easily reproduce your garden and then visualize what it will look like once it is built. It's not easy to find the right solution among the ones that exist to design a garden. Some are not free, others require installing a program on his computer.

The advantage with Draw Me A Garden is that you can easily landscape your own garden. The garden designing tool is accessible directly on the dmag.fr website from a computer. Access is fast and is free on simple registration. Just need to enter your postal address, and thanks to geolocation, appears an aerial view of the house as well as the land map. It is then necessary to define which part of the garden is to be developed, to choose a garden style and a dominant color. And with just a few clicks, you can discover online how it can be laid out. What appears on the screen is a real online landscaping proposal that was designed upstream by landscape experts. Several designs are proposed that are aesthetically pleasing, with a thoughtful plant range.

It is possible to see these different garden layouts in 2D and 3D online to better understand the rendering. Draw Me A Garden's online garden tool also lets you see what your garden will look like over time in 3 to 5 years and walk around in it. Your garden is alive and will grow that’s why you can see it evolved after 3 or 5 years and throughout the seasons.

It's easy to use this tool to set up your garden online and juggle the different options: garden style, dominant color to determine which garden layout is best !

View of landscaping at different stages after planting

Garden view designed online – Spring after 3 years

3 years after in summer

Garden view designed online – Spring after 5 years

5 years later in summer

Garden view designed online – Automn after 5 years

5 years later in autumn

Designing your garden online: what are the benefits of Draw Me A Garden ?

Draw Me A Garden has developed a very powerful garden design tool. It makes it easy to set up your garden online and visit it virtually before you really realize it. Here are the benefits of designing your garden online with Draw Me A Garden:

You don't have to download a tool to design your garden, everything happens online from a computer. You just need to create your account and log in for free access to garden design tool online.

It is not necessary to measure your garden! The tool to design its garden online provides an aerial view of the house as well as the land plan. All that remains is to report the landscape area to develop its garden online.

Good news the tool takes into account the sun exposure, the shade brought by the different buildings present on the ground and integrates all this into clever calculations to propose the most suitable plant offer.

In this online garden tool are combined all the expertise and know-how of our team in garden design. Draw Me A Garden experts have built the tool to propose landscaping suitable for different terrain with a consistent vegetal range.

Example of geolocation to design your garden

Find your home easily thanks to geolocation

Example of garden to be developed, definition of land}

Select with just a few clicks house, other buildings and land

That's why it's so easy to design your garden online with Draw Me A Garden. Also to discover, the ready to plant kit to easily carry out the planting of plans validated online.