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Last modification: 09-12-2022

How to create a beautiful garden on the cheap?

Do you dream of a beautiful garden but you don't have a big budget? Think a landscaped garden isn't affordable? At Draw Me A Garden we offer you an easy and above all inexpensive solution to create the garden of your dreams. Today we decipher for you our solution for a beautiful and inexpensive garden with Draw Me A Garden.

A beautiful inexpensive garden designed in 3D online:

At Draw Me A Garden, we want to make the garden accessible to everyone!

We have studied the process of creating our gardens to make them affordable, and compatible with any type of budget. What helps make our gardens inexpensive is their online design!

Indeed, we offer you to create your garden online thanks to a 3D tool created especially for this purpose. You enter your address, find your land register, and you only have to fill in a few key elements about your garden and your desires.

Depending on the style chosen (English, French, Mediterranean, etc.), you will discover directly online the rendering of your future garden in 3D and its evolution over the seasons and years. Something to plan for your future garden development project.

You can then order your garden project which details the precise plans for your garden, the recommended plants, the explanations of the landscaper on the construction of your garden and the estimated price to receive everything you need to plant it. Here is an idea of ​​the prices, count from 700€ all included (plans, plants, tools...) for a garden of 100 m² and from 1200€ for a garden of 250 m².

This 3D design of our gardens has been designed by our landscape experts and botanists to offer you the best combinations of plants and the most suitable landscaping for your garden. Creating a landscaped garden with Draw Me A Garden therefore means benefiting from the expertise and know-how of a landscaper at a price much lower than that of a classic service and this from your computer. Incredible isn't it?

This is possible because we have digitized the traditional recommendations of a landscaper. We have integrated all the expertise of our landscape designer into this 3D tool thanks to clever algorithms. This allows you to obtain live 3D plans of your garden, saving time and money for you!

A beautiful inexpensive garden designed in 3D online

A beautiful, inexpensive garden to plant yourself:

To create a cheap garden there are several options such as going to a nursery or garden center to choose plants and try to create landscaping yourself. It can be complicated to choose the right plants, know how to arrange them and maintain them properly.

No secret, to create a beautiful inexpensive garden, you have to want to get involved. With Draw Me A Garden, you will create the garden yourself but while being "coached" throughout! Your garden is designed online by experts, who prepare a ready-to-plant garden kit for you. This tailor-made kit includes all the plants, the tools, a life-size biodegradable cardboard planting plan on which the locations and names of the plants to be planted are indicated. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the instruction booklet to plant your garden yourself!

Depending on the size of your garden, you will have one or two days of planting, a great family activity for young and old alike. And what pride to have made your garden yourself! You will also receive throughout the year advice adapted to your garden to help you maintain it. The idea is to give you a taste for the garden and to gradually transmit to you the expertise necessary to maintain it and enjoy it.

a garden ready to plant

A beautiful, inexpensive garden with an effective choice of plants:

We imagined different styles of gardens: English, French, free nature, Mediterranean, and nurturing. There is something for every taste !

Each of these garden styles is made up of a particular range of plants, carefully selected by our experts. You will not have the same plants depending on the style of garden and the color dominance chosen. Most of these plants are called “rustic”, they have been selected to be able to adapt to all regions and all your gardens, they are designed to form attractive associations and will require little maintenance.

We work on an effective range of around a hundred plants, which allows us to have very different gardens from one style to another, and from one garden to another. On the other hand, this allows us to have attractive purchase prices from renowned and quality suppliers by limiting storage costs. And moreover, we know at our fingertips the plants chosen to provide you with the best advice.

Each garden is therefore very different depending on its layout, its layout and your tastes! Our achievements speak for themselves!

So you now know that a small budget can go hand in hand with a beautiful landscaped garden! Why not get started?

Draw Me A Garden selects a beautiful range of plants and flowers

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